Oct. 4, 2013

The friendliest staff that I've ever encountered

Jim wrote "I must admit, I am a massage-a-holic. I have frequented many massage parlors in my lifetime in the quest of great massages and out of a need for human touch.  I noticed the ad for Butterfly and so I decided to give them a try.  First impressions mean something to me, and I was duly impressed when I walked into Butterfly.  The hostess greeted me warmly and then discussed the massage options that they provide.  I decided to go for the ancient Chinese massage (it seems to me that the Chinese culture has excelled in massage therapy).  There were two therapists on duty.  My therapist also happened to be the owner of the spa, and so I enjoyed talking with her during my massage. She asked me if I wanted soft, medium, or hard touch...I chose hard.  Wow, she found some muscles that really needed that extra pressure to get them to release.  It was truly one of those "hurt so good" experiences and it resulted in the following week being pain free in my shoulders and neck (an area that is typically problematic for me).  

Rather than being too wordy, the big picture review is that I got a wonderful massage with a wonderful therapist who was fun to talk with.  Because the massage was so good, I have been back for another, and I plan on returning each week.

Thank you Butterfly...your combination of good therapy and friendliness has made me a repeat customer."